Why us ?
In view of the strong benefits which India presents both as a market as well as a low cost base, India has emerged as a preferred destination for overseas companies. However organizations trying to enter the Indian market face certain issues:




  1. Difficulty in determining the right entry strategy
  2. Difficulty in verifying and evaluating local partners
  3. Difficulty in communication due to Language/ cultural barriers
  4. Difficulty in maintaining local infrastructure in India including staff quality
  5. Difficulty could be faced due to government interference and also in intellectual property protection
We see our role as a "Facilitator" who provides that much needed "on-ground" support, without the clients having to go through all the legalities, paperwork, cost, and time in setting up a local office at a very early stage. Our management team comprises people:
  1. who have worked extensively in the United Kingdom, running an International Business team for a Fortune 500 company
  2. who have been part of the United Kingdom Trade and Investment (UKTI) steering committee on India
  3. who are key note speakers on several events on "Doing business with India"
  4. who are supply chain consultants to Fortune 500 companies