One Stop Consulting
Consulting is often a misused word, with several organizations providing a nice 'Strategy paper' at the end of the exercise. What we offer is 'Business Solutions'.

Our recommendations are pragmatic and present tangible results. Further we also offer professional assistance to implement those recommendations. Our assignments typically involve:

  1. Recommend an entry plan into the Indian market based on current industry trends and competitive dynamics
  2. Determining likely strategic partners i.e. agent/distributor agreements, licensing, value added resellers, technology transfer. buy back arrangements and joint ventures
  3. Contacting qualified prospects discreetly and confidentially.
  4. Managing the due diligence process.
  5. Business-negotiation services and finalization of contractual terms through to closing
  6. Quasi representation for client locally to ensure better visibility and stronger relationship with customers and business partners/vendors
  7. Facilitate introductions and meetings between the client and individuals and organizations in related business community in India
In all our assignments, we strive to achieve maximum value and an optimal strategic fit for our clients.